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Men and women today struggle with different conditions including: alopecia areata hair loss, thinning hair and baldness. Hair Support offers many hair loss treatment products to help fight male pattern baldness as well as thinning hair in women and regrow your natural hair.

Hair follicles cycle through the three stages of growth, degeneration and rest, at different intervals. During the rest stage, hair is shed daily. This is nature's method of making way for new hair. The average daily shedding is approximately between 75 and 150 hairs. This is nature’s way of making room for new hair, but hair loss beyond this is an indication of a scalp or hair abnormality.

Numerous variables can contribute to the irregular loss of hair. The amount of stress you’re under, your diet, the state of your hair and scalp, and even your physical constitution will affect hair loss.

Some factors of hair loss include:

  • having any family member with thinning hair or hair loss
  • ingesting an excessive amount of caffeine
  • poor diet
  • smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day
  • amount of stress
  • shampooing twice per week or less
  • application of hair products on an unclean scalp
  • build-up caused by application of hair care products and topical lotions
  • The degree of hair loss can varies between individuals and circumstances.

What does Customize Hair & Wigs Support Do?

Our Hair Support shampoo stimulates and promotes healthy circulation to the scalp and works to further loosen buildup and debris that has accumulated on the scalp and hair, thereby increasing nutrient flow to hair follicles.

Our Hair Support Product Line:

Unique and scientifically formulated products create the optimal environment to promote longer, healthier, and thicker hair. Hair Support Shampoo, Hair Support Conditioner and Patented Hair Support Overnight Treatment. This revitalization program is proven to work in the fight against thinning hair, natural and medically-related hair loss. It’s safe, contains does not contain any medication or animal by-products.



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